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In a previous life I was an academic with a doctor in philosophy, an LGBTQI activist, and then for a number of decades deeply enjoyed working as director in large international NGOs. Yet, my heart was always longing to be a teacher and my faith has given me deep callings. On this path I delved into becoming a medial coach, and an ICF accredited management coach, a legal mediator under Belgian law, as well as a very experienced trainer in companies and organisations. To this day I stand on both my spiritual and my business oriented legs, giving trainings, coaching, mediations and team building in the business sector alsmost every week - by now deeply infusing them with my tantric, trauma body work, shiatsu wisdoms, and spiritual learning.

And actually, the call of the divine did not make me leave management and NGOs behind to give trainings but to finally do what I heard already the call for when I was twelve: leave everything behind, follow me! That this path is related to the healing power of pleasure, liberated consensual sexuality, and clear voyant spirituality was revealed to me in my early thirties. But it was not until I was in my 40s, when I immersed myself in a deep and challenging path into self-development, trained in tantra and delved radically into my faith, when I could finally do away with 30 years of severe depression and self-loathing, allowing me to finally embody! love and my two-spirit nature. Then the vision was fully revealed and the call could be heard, understood and materialised: ConSensual and my original invention of tantric BDSI (I truly was the first in the world to coin that term, define, practice, and develop it) came alive, and my tantric, clear-voyant, trauma body work, constellation, and shiatsu professional trainings merged into a whole, added to by a life of being 'collored' in to the divine Goddess, following the spiritual call of Jesus and Mary Magdala, and obviously daily embodiment practices. A reality of a full and rich life, in conscious relating to my Beloved Linde, and with it a channel for my true healing and teachings powers.

So here I am, and yes I also have over 20 years of experience as a conscious kinkster. I organised in the first queer BDSM scene in Berlin, I have been a slave and a master, a drill sergeant and a devote sailor boy, a slut and an innocent lover. Oh yes and very important: I am a proud trans man with a non-binary and pansexual nature. I thrive on bringing a unique blend of neuroscience insights and body focus, a deep ongoing learning attitude, humility, care, presence, love, and excitement for the beautiful divine potential of each person. I have deep faith in our spiritual source as deeply rooted in our body temple. I specialise in magic energy body work with full presence, and love to take people into life changing worlds of healing, pleasure, and expansion with mediation, body experiences and yes ropes, floggers, or impact play combined with simple but penetrating energetic touch that allows expansion or trauma release. Welcome to ConSensual, founded in 2020, the first school of body consent based tantric BDSI... and sooo much more.



In a previous life that feels like it is ages ago I was a criminologist and worked in many different organisations and companies. It is not me, so I stopped in 2018, due to health and because my soul was calling me in other directions. After a long path into Shamanism, self, development, and tantra I met my Beloved and joint Jonathan's soul creation of ConSensual. Mostly I co-facilitate all retreats and create the music program magically. I also share the work on talking to all those inquiring with us or needing after care, and support administration.

By training I am a shamanic practitioner and qualified body worker. I am in essence about love and relating in itself, in all of its expressions and forms, constructing my soul path along expansion of feeling. I see dispersion of light, love and relating as my actual day job.  In my tantric body and couple work I bring a unique blend of presence, breath work and sexual energy flow to allow you to fully fall into healing, rediscovering your light, and/or pleasure, being held in safety and – maybe for the first time in your life – feeling deeply loved and seen. Together with Jonathan I offer work on conscious relating and deep intimacy for couples, constellation, and individual body work/Sei-Ki.


A whole team of volunteers work in ConSensual dedicating their time, love, and immense professional skill to our retreats with unwavering loyalty. They are the ConSensual family. Each retreat is supported by 6-8 professionals. They also offer workshops in Casa LoJeMa or lead parts of our program at times. Some of them present themselves below, telling you more about what they do in and outside of ConSensual and how to reach them.


My true life started when I was 27 and felt compelled to leave behind what, seen from the outside, most people would call a middle class dream life. That life had been scripted for me by others since I was little, but it was never meant for me.I spent the 10 years that followed searching for my own truth and purpose in this universe. Of all that I emerged with the tools, knowledge and calling to be a guide for other souls who have wandered off, or are yet to find their own path. I have followed many tantric teachers over the years. Yet when I entered ConSensual and met Jonathan and Linde, I knew immediately that I had found my tantric home.

At my practice in North Belgium, I offer different flavours of Shibari rope sessions from energetic expansion to deep relaxation, tantra massages, de-armouring, trauma body work, inspirational life coaching and empowering masculinity coaching. In addition I teach Japanese and Western bondage and offer workshops for couples and singles on tantra, non-violent communication, relationship skills and more.

Jonathan describes me as the embodiment of full presence and that is what I offer to my customers: a constant, reassuring, loving and grounded presence - the feeling that somebody is there, who listens, feels and cares, and keeps them safe, no matter what happens.

If this resonates with you, feel free to check out my website and reach out to me: 

+32 499 35 31 60, sam[at],


I have always been an explorer. My journey has led me via plantmedicine to exploring Reiki, bodydearmouring, breathwork, deep deep consent work via the system of somatic consent and recently Tantric BDSI. Along the journey I have dived into non-duality, Taoism and been working as a Human Design coach for a number of years now. I have stepped away from calling myself a seeker of truth, because that implies that there is something to be found. Instead I try to live truth, to the best of my capabilities, and sometimes I utterly fail. 

I walk along with people on their path, if they ask me, be it as a coach, sharing from my own experiences and reflecting on their situation. Mostly I see myself as the one who throws pebbles in the water and watch the ripples appear and move outward, all by themselves.

I believe in the power of the Self, the capability of healing ourselves, with the right help and being open to live showing us the way, if we let it and notice the sign along the way. At the same time, I believe in the power of connection, and the importance of working together on healing ourselves, so that we all may grow.

Should you want to know more about me, or work with me, you can find me here: (dutch only for now). Feel welcome to reach out if you feel a resonance.


I completed the Pathway Journey in ConSensual in 2023 and joint the team right after that. I love to bring my medial and healer capacities to the team and the participants, as well as enjoying the continuing space of exploration for my capacity to be both in my power and in the deepest surrender. Let me captivate you during ConSensual retreats, enticing you into a world of divine exploration and sensual awakening.

My own brainchild is Goddess Creations, where I work as  a renowned spiritual coach, medium, and healer, offering a tantalising array of services, including intimate personal consultations, enchanting retreats, and playful coaching sessions, Goddess Creations invites you to drive deep into the realms of your soul. Explore the depths of your desires, uncover hidden truths, and ignite the flames of passion within. "We are all Creations of Goddess and everything we do is a Goddess Creation."

With my seductive expertise in various spiritual traditions and healing techniques, each encounter becomes a sacred dance of self-discovery and erotic empowerment. Embrace the seductive journey of spiritual awakening and sensual enlightenment at Goddess Creations today.




When I was younger, I was passionate about science and keen to discover how our bodies and plants functioned on a biochemical level. I have always studied and worked in exact sciences. After a first burnout when I was 35, the last minute prevention of a second one and the diagnosis of ADD (at the age of 38), I finally discovered my true talent is not thinking, but FEELING!

I started taking massage courses because I felt a deep need for physical contact. What I didn't expect is that I could enjoy giving massages so much. First off I studied meridian massage, lateron I discovered Hawaiian body work: the Lomi-lomi massage. A revelation. I learned to feel more pure and deeply energetically, also with master classes in bone washing and joint mobilizations. Aferwards I deepened my knowledge of bodywork and delved into PSOAS massage, the muscle of the soul and the Gaia method (soft touch de-armouring).

March 2022 I entered my first tantra retreat ever @consensual. Deep dive immediatly. I’ve experienced countless ego deaths and deep transformations in the sacred space of the Consensual temple. It felt like a coming home. I love the depth and safe pressure-cooker container it provides for deep transformation in anyone who is prepared to walk this pathway.

If you are called to entrust yourself to my touch check out my website or follow me on FB or Instagram.   Facebookpage: Bij Fien  Instagram: @Bij Fien



Ever since I was sixteen, I was in and out of therapy and couldn’t seem to find what I was looking for: safety in my body. It wasn’t until Consensual that I discovered the depths of my body, my abilities to feel (so very deeply!) and my love for helping people heal themselves.

I currently study Primal Rebirth Therapy (PRT), including lots of inner child work, and contribute insights from this and my own path during ConSensual Retreats. It is a pleasure to use those tools within Consensual and helping others find safety and pleasure within themselves as well.

I hope to see you in the field! My contacts are: laura[at]




Hi everyone,

I'm Paul, and I'd like to share a bit about myself and what I bring to the table. In 2022, I completed the Pathways program. Now, I'm part of the team, and my aim is to guide you through your process. My expertise lies in inner child work and addressing early attachment traumas. Additionally, I have experience in shiatsu and Thai massage, along with a background in martial arts. This enables me to create a safe space for you to navigate emotions like suppressed anger or fear in a healthy way.

You could say that I offer a blend of gentle, attuned touch and a powerful dose of healthy masculinity.

You'll often find me at Consensual, accompanied by my girlfriend Laura. She's a beacon of light, and together, with your consent, we strive to facilitate healthy bonding with both the masculine and feminine aspects.

See you soon at ConSensual and maybe you are also ready to explore the beautiful challenge of a Primal Quest with me

If you want to want to find out more go to my website or reach out to me per phone +31617238902


When Paul Salverda, another team member, told me about ConSensual in 2021, I knew right away this was the place for me. When I drove home in my car in December 2021, I made love to my steering wheel. I had so much soft energy inside of me, I was truly amazed. After that first weekend I signed up to be an assistant and had an amazing year with Jonathan and the team!

Being a tantra facilitator myself, I love working with Tantric BDSI. I think it is the most beautiful way of personal development. You learn a lot about yourself in just one day when you find yourself working with submission and dominance. The tantric way of doing this, completely going into delay, surrender and being fully present and conscious, is what makes it so beautiful. I love to facilitate opening up about our intimate desires and taking away taboos around it. I’m looking forward to my second year as a ConSensual assistant, working alongside Jonathan and Linde and the other assistants, and feeling my juiciness and soft feminine power in this line of work.

If you want to know something about me, visite my dutch website Paul and I are very inspired by Jonathan’s work and organise our own weekends in the Netherlands about Conscious Power Exchange. If you would like to talk or share something about what Tantric BDSI does for you, or can do for you, I’m always open to talk about that. Feel free to contact me. Love Bien


In my twenties, I followed my curiosity about life and the energies that are around us. This led me to train in Reiki Healing, which subsequently led me down the path of self-development and practices to expand consciousness.About 15 years ago, I dived deep into the world of personal development and spirituality by doing trainings in NLP, creative dynamic coaching, witchcraft, (trance)dance and women's work. After my burn out, energy- and shadowwork became a regular personal practice. And in 2013 I decided to start my own practice combining coaching, massage and Reiki treatments.

The next step in my development was learning about my sexual energy and mastering the embodiment of lifeforce energy. I was intrigued by the felt sense of aliveness and found a connectedness to myself and the world around me like I had never experienced before.

I immersed myself in yearprogramm's of Classical Tantra, Wild Tantra, Tantra Yoga and Neo Tantra. Simultaneously I've started to assist at the retreats, expanding my abillity to hold space for people's processes and maintain the purity of the energyfield. Bringing in, my unconditional love for every-body.

At ConSensual and in my individual sessions, I love to support the process of stripping off old layers blocking the energy flow. I love to create spaces where people can be raw and authentic and expand into the love that they are. Deeply honering the embodiment of divinity. In my individual sessions, I now mainly focus on (Tantric) bodywork and de-armouring,  expanding a person's energy field so Spirit can shine through. At ConSensual, I am a fellow traveller who can contribute to your journey. By helping you to step out of your comfort zone, explore new realms of aliveness and sensuality, and help you work on your intentions for expansion.

Contact details
+31 623 775 992
Insta: laya_inner_alchemy
Facebook Laya Poortvliet


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