Pathway III into Power and Surrender

Unlock Your Authentic Power and Surrender to Life itself with ease

Discover the magic of your true power and the joy of surrendering to life's calling with Pathway III. This immersive experience delves into the essence of tantric BDSI, using Dominance and Submission to reveal your authentic (soul) self and remove obstacles to Joy. A serious yet playful deep dive, nothing short of magic. Expect it to rock your boat and expect to rock the boat of others.

Why Come to Pathway III?

  • Authentic Empowerment: Learn to respect your boundaries and embrace your true power: who are you when you step fully into YOU?
  • Joy of Surrender: experience the deepest joy when you stop resisting Life & Presence and allow authentic flow
  • Full Presence: Fully unfold your third chakra by connecting it to your heart and get the depth of true presence to yourself and others.
  • Mastery of Consent: Experience the wheel of consent as an ever turning wheel of deeply conscious, ever-changing practice.

What You'll Experience:

  • Power and Presence: Embody your presence and intuitively respond to life's calls for your power or surrender.
  • Heart-Connected Play: Transform 'dark desires' into light, heart-connected experiences, opening your system for unconditional love.
  • 24-Hour Immersion: Participate in a carefully crafted immersion experience, enhancing your intimacy and expanding your consciousness.

By the end of this retreat, you'll emerge transformed - definite promise! Ready to step into the crown of the Journey, embodying divine spirit and accessing divine guidance. Our team will support your journey in Pathway III with 24 to 36 hours showcases and hands-on guidance.

Join us for a profound journey into your power and surrender, unlocking deeper connections with yourself and others.

Please note: you cannot register for Pathway III without having completed at least Pathway I!


13 to 16 February 2025 & 20 to 23 March 2025

(navigate to the date you wish for on the bookind calendar)


1200,- Euros including accommodation, EE-Session, integration call. Meals paid extra at the venue (130,- Euros ).

Pathway II - IV  Retreats start on a Thursday morning 09:45 (arrival latest at 8 am, you may come Wed evening already) and end on Sunday around 17:00.

You will receive all necessary information on location, accommodation, food and what to bring about 2 weeks ahead of the event.. ConSensual retreats are held in Casa LoJeMa (near Leuven), a beautiful 1000 spuare meter old farm, easily accessible by public transport and with a big parking. A close park and beautiful nature invites for walks during breaks. We have simple, yet nicely designed accommodation for 24 participants in shared accomodation (included in retreat price). If you want to stay somewhere else during the retreat you need to let us know on the registration form (no refund on accommodation)!

Want to journey fully? 

Register with a 300,- Euros discount on the Package Pathway II - IV.

Please note: below is the link to buying the two journey packages with the reduced price. Please immediately after that book the retreat dates you want to be on. If you do not book them right away your place on a particular retreat is not guaranteed. You can choose the first or second round to stay in one group or adjust to the dates most convenient to you.

First round  Pathway Journey 24/25 (21-24 Nov 24 PII; 13 to 16 Feb PIII; 24 to 27 April 25 PIV).

Second round Pathway Journey 2025 (9-12 Jan PII; 25 20-23 March PIII; 15-18 May 25 PIV)



  • 'I think Jonathan and the team are fucking magicians. This retreat was magical, again. Jonathan puts his heart, soul and own lessons in his retreat. It flows at the same time it is structured. There is a good balance between talking and exercises. Jonathan and the team are amazing. I am deeply impressed by the way the program has been perfected'

  • 'I arrived at the second Pathway without expectations even without almost no experience in tantra nor BDSI. It was fucking fantastic. Jonathan, Linde and assistants have the magic ability to create a safe container where any feeling and emotion feels safe to be expressed. It’s like magic. I have experienced things and felt things I have never experienced before. It was such an expansive experience. I discovered myself in whole new ways. I will never stop exploring myself and others further in this way. I learned that healing old pain and trauma can actually happen in a soft loving pleasurable way. That’s the most important thing I have learned. And that love is the way and that divine design is real.  And that we are all expressions of universal love living the human experience.'

  • Finished pathway III and it was mind-blowing. Jonathan and Linde but also the support team are able to create a safe container in which you can explore. They are also able to look past your stories that you made up to not look at your feelings. They really push you to go deeper and look further. Such beautiful energies within the team- but also participants. They just attract very different and amazing people of whom you can learn from. It is a no brainer to go!!

  • The container for the 24h sub dom was something glorious and I think very unique. I am so grateful for this chance. Few words can describe the beauty of the space created by Jonathan, Linde and the team. So much love, so much devotion for this work. A place that invites all of us to show up, expand and bring out our authentic self. A place to celebrate and worship life in all its forms and flavours. Thank you!!

  • The presence of Jonathan and Linde is to infinity and beyond. The love expansion, safe container and trust is amazing. What a joy to journey with Jonathan and Linde and Consensual. Their love and power and safety is paramount. The love in the group dynamic is so warm, loving, open and friendly. All may show and ALL MAY SHOW UP, thank you for the play field.

  • This pathway was an amazing journey in my inner landscape, my inner cosmos, an amazing encounter with many unknown territories. It was an unexpected realisation about the power of love and beauty to give me access to my inner beauty. The deepening of my self love allowed me to deepen my love towards others and vice versa. Thank you, thank you thank you!

  • What a deep dive and a roller-coaster. The 24-hour sub/dom was really something I could not be prepared for, it felt like getting in the water without being able to swim. But afterwards I understand that it is exactly wat is needed, this Is the way to find my own limitations and borders. The safe space of assistants and facilitators gave me the feeling that I always could fall back on someone for advice. I liked most: feeling safe to show who I am, to me BDSI is more like body-oriented therapy. So many process work and so deep, it feels like one year therapy but then in 4 days and deeper.

  • For me it is difficult to put into words to describe Pathway III, it’s something you need to experience, to “feel” how it’s like. It’s not something that would have happened to me in real life. Some people once said I needed to bow for my parents but now I know and feel how bowing really feels like.

  • It is a colourful group of people and somehow it works. Providing a space for discovery and expansion with the right balance of humour and seriousness, a lot of presence and love. Jonathan provides the structures and wisdom from embodied experience. That gives his facilitation a solid foundation. Linde throws herself in with a lot of devotion. And the team shows up with a lot of love and willingness to help with whatever issues arises. Thank you for the opportunity to grow and expand.

  • I am grateful to the divine for my partner in the 24h session. I have learned a lot about my dom side and it makes me curious for experiencing the sub side in me. Power and Surrender Pathway brought me to places I haven’t been before. A beautiful journey in and with myself in a safe space on the pathway of an intense life living from my truth. It’s a new step into living from my full potential.

  • A strong shift was made in our relationship, not only in the layer of sexual polarisation but deep in the fundament of our relationship.

  • It is such a powerful and intense retreat, creating new insights, new deeper acceptance, feeling supported, safe and yet gently pushed to limits to explore our soul. After every PW it’s a step closer to a divine power. Thank you so much!

  • Diving into this experience my body was in full resistance. I received full support to land in this safe container to come to terms with this resistance and go into expansion. And what an expansion it was! Thank you!!

  • Pathway III was an amazing journey. It showed met what I could learn to go deeper into surrender and what stood in my way to use my real power.

  • It's a week since Pathway III and I still feel my heart being more open, and when it closes, I'm much more aware of it. It's also easier to open it again. I'm breathing deeper, also during the moments where I experience some stress. One of the diamonds in my process during this pathway is that I got better at asking for what I desire, even when I feel so vulnerable asking it. I'm so proud that I can show up for myself! The organising team was, once again, amazing. They are pros at holding space and making you feel safe as you explore new things and old patterns of yourself. I'm very grateful for that.

  • 'I realize and feel that I have grown a lot, to stay in my power and grounded. It let me see who I really am, a vulnerable, authentic, powerful, yummy lovely man!'

  • 'As a child I developed an image of what it is like to be 'man'. Partly because I had a father who was not very available emotionally, I wasn´t able to reflect much to actually learn to feel what it’s like to be a man. As a result, it has remained an idea and therefore mainly cognitive. This ´image´ was all about being tough and decisive by myself. Give direction and above all appear very masculine. Thanks to this pathway I connected with the submissive side in me, practicing and embodying the opposite of my idea of being a man. Examples are surrendering, feeling, staying present and receiving. The interesting thing is that now that I have both polarities (dominance and submissive), I feel more complete as a man. 2 sides of the coin that I get to wear.'

  • 'It was a very complete and balanced program, where Jonathan was very clear with short strong messages, loving, compassionate and lots of knowledge, creator of a safe space and holding it with structure and attention. All assistants had their own specialties and energies which made the team complete and supportive for anybody and whatever arises. I received very worth fully support and felt seen heard and fully accepted in all. They helped me to feel safe and be able to act freely. It gave me the encouragement to explore all of me, the others and so many different sides of BDSI and dominance and submission. Allow to face all and it will be rewarded big time in just four days.'

  • This is the fifth consensual retreat I've done and every time I leave with something including a reinforcement of lessons from previous retreats. The actor Jim Carrey said that we get depressed because we need "deep rest" from the masks we wear. I tend to criticize myself for being or not being such and such a way, and think I will be happy once I am this and have that. When I cut the act, the pleasure flows and I know that I am loved for who I am, not what I do.

  • 'Jonathan is 100 % there for you and that is love. I really felt what it is to be 200 % human, without layers or veils and that everything is welcome.'


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