Pathway into Power and Surrender via Dominance and Submission:

In the Pathway into Power and Surrender via Dominance and Submission, we are in the third step on the ConSensual Pathway Journey, our third chakra and the heart of magic of this work. We delve deep into the D and S side of BDSI: dominance and submission. You will explore how it feels if you yourself respect all your boundaries and move in your authentic power, your authentic surrender, allowing your third chakra to fully unfold its wings. It is about finding your power to deal and particularly be with life. The third chakra is at its most powerful in us when it is connected to the heart and full presence. To fully take up your place in life, embody your presence and yet intuitively know when life is asking for your surrender, you need to master your dominance and your submission. It is here that we can fully experience the wheel of consent in all aspect simultaneously. You will learn and get to a much deeper level to expand your consciousness by staying in consent and continuously moving between giving, receiving, taking, and allowing, making it an effortless ever changing, but fully conscious practice in your life. And, again, unleashing all our desires out of what we deemed dark into light and heart connected play that holds, cherishes, worships, and adores your own temple and that of the other.  

This retreat includes a 24-hour immersion experience that is carefully crafted and prepared, trusting in divine guidance for partnering (couples remain together). You will come ‘out of the collar’ in a different state and on the last day discover already some of what that new state can bring for ‘embodying divine spirit’ and your power to access divine guidance yourself. 

Pathway II to IV Retreats start on a Thursday morning and end on Sunday around 17:00. After registration and payment you will receive all necessary information on location, accommodation, food and what to bring and prepare. ConSensual retreats are currently held at Chateau Cortils (near Liege, Belgium), a beautiful castle with a separate very private pavilion in which we will hold the program. Chateau Cortils has beautiful, simple, and very specially designed accommodation.We retain the right to change the venue if necessary at any time,

Next Retreats:

18th to 21 of May 2023

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21st to 24th of March 2024

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580,- Euros including breaks and breakfast, plus accomodation and food in the venue (between 45,- and 60,- ppn + ca 130,- for food).

If you feel the calling to join for the whole Pathway Journey 2023, then register with a 10% discount:


  • 'I think Jonathan and the team are fucking magicians. This retreat was magical, again. Jonathan puts his heart, soul and own lessons in his retreat. It flows at the same time it is structured. There is a good balance between talking and exercises. Jonathan and the team are amazing. I am deeply impressed by the way the program has been perfected'

  • 'I arrived at the second Pathway without expectations even without almost no experience in tantra nor BDSI. It was fucking fantastic. Jonathan, Linde and assistants have the magic ability to create a safe container where any feeling and emotion feels safe to be expressed. It’s like magic. I have experienced things and felt things I have never experienced before. It was such an expansive experience. I discovered myself in whole new ways. I will never stop exploring myself and others further in this way. I learned that healing old pain and trauma can actually happen in a soft loving pleasurable way. That’s the most important thing I have learned. And that love is the way and that divine design is real.  And that we are all expressions of universal love living the human experience.'

  • 'Jonathan is 100 % there for you and that is love. I really felt what it is to be 200 % human, without layers or veils and that everything is welcome.'

  • 'It was a very complete and balanced program, where Jonathan was very clear with short strong messages, loving, compassionate and lots of knowledge, creator of a safe space and holding it with structure and attention. All assistants had their own specialties and energies which made the team complete and supportive for anybody and whatever arises. I received very worth fully support and felt seen heard and fully accepted in all. They helped me to feel safe and be able to act freely. It gave me the encouragement to explore all of me, the others and so many different sides of BDSI and dominance and submission. Allow to face all and it will be rewarded big time in just four days.'

  • 'Dear Jonathan and Linde, WOW, thank you once again for shining your light. The team: you guys did such an amazing job! Everything was so well taken care of and I felt so seen and carried. The pathway into dominance and submission really helped me to work through shadow sides and seeing myself for the rich expanded woman that I am. Consensual keeps surprising, inspiring and healing. Go experience it yourselves and you will not regret it!'

  • 'This retreat is really for you if you want to discover more of your dominant and or your submissive side. The setting feels very safe and it gives so much opportunity to experience and incorporate new beautiful imprints. It’s all about having fun and growing at the same time.'

  • 'I came to grow in the role of ‘dominant’ and I’ve learned during this retreat how to be authentically present in my masculinity in real life (so much further than a role), so I can expand to be unshakeable authentic. First after divine design I felt resistance but soon I was so happy, this gave me the opportunity to expand in my own tempo.'

  • 'The working with the divine design and how it was communicated gave me trust to surrender and dive deep into it.'

  • 'I realize and feel that I have grown a lot, to stay in my power and grounded. It let me see who I really am, a vulnerable, authentic, powerful, yummy lovely man!'

  • 'The work you do together Jonathan and Linde with the team is a real benefit for us all and needs to be done for us and the world and the universe! It brings me every time deeper than before.'

  • 'I felt that you were so prepared big time, it was all in flow. Now I can integrate and remember my dominant energy more in order to use it in my life so that I can also surrender more into what life brings me because I know I have the power to decide what I want and I can act on it more easily. Thank you Jonathan for your love and presence and Linde for your intuition, heart and devotion.'

  • 'As a child I developed an image of what it is like to be 'man'. Partly because I had a father who was not very available emotionally, I wasn´t able to reflect much to actually learn to feel what it’s like to be a man. As a result, it has remained an idea and therefore mainly cognitive. This ´image´ was all about being tough and decisive by myself. Give direction and above all appear very masculine. Thanks to this pathway I connected with the submissive side in me, practicing and embodying the opposite of my idea of being a man. Examples are surrendering, feeling, staying present and receiving. The interesting thing is that now that I have both polarities (dominance and submissive), I feel more complete as a man. 2 sides of the coin that I get to wear.'

  • I love the way the retreat is given, so I can look at all sides of myself with always a kind of joy and pleasure.  I love the retreats, it feels like a warm bath. Everything is welcome, there is a team who is available for the participants and the processes. It is a new experience to find and give your boundaries and your consent in a tantric way and have several new experiences. It’s a very deep process learning to know yourself.


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