Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

The fourth step on the Pathway Journey, the crown so to speak, moves the orgasmic state we seek to stay in into our throat, third eye and crown. It is about finding spirit, finally understanding that we can find the divine in our inner temple, when we allow the body to be the wisdom, surrender to the energy, and find this place of ‘seeing beyond’ in ourselves and others. When you truly found your power (to surrender) your authentic pleasure expression comes into balance, allowing all that is present, all that is to emerge.  Then the often sought after ‘pleasure flight and journeying’ starts and you get a glimpse of the divine nature of intimacy, creating Oneness out of polarity. Reaching bliss flight in the 6th and 7th chakras lets you see the heavens, the beyond, the state of bliss in the divine’s eye, and discover more of your unique spirituality.

The Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit will let you discover your kundalini, expand your body temple to hold more energy and allowing energetic engagement and pleasure flight. We will let you find the energy source in you, find your temple room inside, feel the power of energetic touch, and make it circulate. And finally seeing, hearing, and feeling the beyond worlds - using sexual energy. We will journey into your own tantric temple above, and you might, if the time is the right for you, see some of your soul’s purposes. We will also open the field for orgasmic states in the heart, throat, third eye and crown region, and engage in many rituals of connection and adoration of the divine in our bodies. And most certainly there will be opportunity to play and engage in tantric BDSI practices on our pathway into spirituality. 

Pathway Retreats start on a Thursday morning and end on Sunday around 17:00. After registration and payment you will receive all necessary information on location, accommodation, food and what to bring and prepare. ConSensual retreats are held in our own Casa LoJeMa (near Leuven), a beautiful 1000 spuare meter old farm, easily accessible by public transport and with a big parking. Large parks and beautiful nature invites for walks during breaks just a couple of streets behind Casa LoJeMa. We will be working in the temple hall that holds up to 50 people (but our retreats are much smaller than this). Casa LoJeMa has beautiful, simple, and nicely designed accommodation for 18 - 20 participants in mostly shared accomodation. Not all participants can stay at the house and we give the accomodation on a first come first serve basis. There are hotels and B&Bs in driving distance. We retain the right to change the venue if necessary.

Next Retreats:

2 to 5 May 2024


13 to 16 June 2024


24 to 27 April 2025


15 to 18 May 2025






640,- Euros including breaks and breakfast, plus accomodation and food in the venue (between 45,- and 60,- ppn + ca 130,- for food).

If you feel the calling to join for the whole Pathway Journey 2025, then register with a 10% discount. If you register for the package before your Pathway I we will give you a 10% discount via your accomodation costs.

First round Pathway Journey 2024/25 (21-24 Nov 24; 13 to 16 Feb; 24 to 27 April 25).


Second round Pathway Journey 2025 (9-12 Jan; 20-23 March; 15-18 May 25) 


If you buy a package but need to swap one of the dates between the rounds you may contact us, we will do our best.



  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    'The Pathway into Embodying Divine spirit really opened up a way into the light for me that I didn’t know existed. I am leaving knowing I have a choice which path to take in life and how to find the way to love and light'.

  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    'This retreat brought me more presence in general and certainly more presence in my body. The worship of the God and Goddess was mind blowing. This should actually be taught to people latest when they get married or live together.'

  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    Pathway IV was a very special and transformational 4-day retreat. What stayed with me the most and gave a 180 turn in my relationship towards lingams, was experiencing my own energetic lingam. I cannot say in words what I have experienced, what power and radiant beauty. I really needed this experience as a woman to be able to truly admire the lingam in all its sacredness. Deep healing took place and I could ask for forgiveness for how I have treated my partner and his lingam in the past. This moment I will never forget. You are both the top in the tantric world.

  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    This pathway was a deep dive into the soul, the body, the spirit and the emotional. I dived deeper into loving myself. Jonathan and Linde and the team are leading with so much care, wisdom and incredible space holding. The Pathways were at times confronting and yet I always felt safe. 

  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    Doing Pathway IV after the first three is like homecoming to your dearest family being together, open and safe. I expected at the beginning of the retreat that Pathway IV would open my heart and it did.  The sense of family, connection, belonging and safety is big.

  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    It is so beautiful that you are through the team or directly so aware and involved in everyone’s personal process and although you are the facilitators you are part of the group. There is a lot of transformation power in the retreat and the music is perfectly attuned to it. I loved most getting in touch with the Goddess in me, free myself from shame, dispossession feelings and trauma and enjoying and fully playing.

  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    How Jonathan, Linde and the whole team lead the retreat is amazing. So much love, respect and care is felt, a pure beacon of safety. The way how the divine was integrated in the whole retreat was marvellous. With love!

  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    'Everything fell together in this Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit. It all came to the last moment, the last Pathway. I feel that now I can start with taking responsibility for my own life and pleasure instead of depending on my partner. More of this please! Your work is vital!'

  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    In this retreat it became very clear for me that my path into the divine starts by going very very very deep into mother earth. From there I get information to rise like a volcano to connect to the spirit world. I am so grateful that the spiritual part is very important to Jonathan and Linde and that you use it as a tool. I love that this place is in nature to this kind of work.

  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    So soft, so sensual, so sacred, I love the design of the 4th pathway the best and this time the integration songs went very deep…Integrating the divine essence into adoration, self-exploration, even the way you engage in kinky play. The Pathway IV opened doors to deep levels of understanding for me: more understanding about my own essence, about how to enlarge my container for allowing and enjoying kundalini energy, a big suitcase of practical exercises. Being seen and seeing others in their beauty is a really touching and grounding experience.

  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    The safety and spiritual/divine element of this Pathway allowed me to overcome limitations and really open up to higher experiences. Linde and Jonathan are powerful facilitators that come from first hand experiences and love.

  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    I love the creation of safety and integrity. The way of experiencing through the body is really like coming home for me.

  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    'I have been seeing Jonathan for many years and I don’t think I could have asked for a better tantra facilitator. He is very competent and qualified, deeply cares about people and his understanding of gender and sexuality have helped me to start dropping the harmful conditioning of what it means to be a man. The assistants are also brilliant and so were the participants in this case. I left feeling filled and child-like with a new found joy for life and trust in the process.'

  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    Great inspiring and honest teaching. The build-up in the third day gave me my big breakthrough in combination with the music that is very beautiful and powerful. 

  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    If you feel lost, confused, unloved or alone, here is a beautiful temple space that embraces all, filled with participants and team which resonates, understands and respects you.


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