Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

The fourth step on the Pathway Journey, the crown so to speak, moves the orgasmic state we seek to stay in into our throat, third eye and crown. It is about finding spirit, finally understanding that we can find the divine in our inner temple, when we allow the body to be the wisdom, surrender to the energy, and find this place of ‘seeing beyond’ in ourselves and others. When you truly found your power (to surrender) your authentic pleasure expression comes into balance, allowing all that is present, all that is to emerge.  Then the often sought after ‘pleasure flight and journeying’ starts and you get a glimpse of the divine nature of intimacy, creating Oneness out of polarity. Reaching bliss flight in the 6th and 7th chakras lets you see the heavens, the beyond, the state of bliss in the divine’s eye, and discover more of your unique spirituality.

The Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit will let you discover your kundalini, expand your body temple to hold more energy and allowing energetic engagement and pleasure flight. We will let you find the energy source in you, find your temple room inside, feel the power of energetic touch, and make it circulate. And finally seeing, hearing, and feeling the beyond worlds - using sexual energy. We will journey into your own tantric temple above, and you might, if the time is the right for you, see some of your soul’s purposes. We will also open the field for orgasmic states in the heart, throat, third eye and crown region, and engage in many rituals of connection and adoration of the divine in our bodies. And most certainly there will be opportunity to play and engage in tantric BDSI practices on our pathway into spirituality. 

Pathway Retreats start on a Thursday morning and end on Sunday around 17:00. After registration and payment you will receive all necessary information on location, accommodation, food and what to bring and prepare. ConSensual retreats are currently held at Chateau Cortils (near Liege, Belgium), a beautiful castle with a separate very private pavilion in which we will hold the program. Chateau Cortils has beautiful, simple, and very specially designed accommodation. We retain the right to change the venue if necessary.

Next Retreats:

  • 14th to 17th of September 2023 - this retreat is fully booked!

Register NOW

  • 2nd to 5th May 2024

Register NOW

620,- Euros including breaks and breakfast, plus accomodation and food in the venue (between 45,- and 60,- ppn + ca 130,- for food).

If you feel the calling to join for the whole Pathway Journey II to IV in 2024 (Pathway I is a pre-condition), then register with a 10% discount:


  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    'The Pathway into Embodying Divine spirit really opened up a way into the light for me that I didn’t know existed. I am leaving knowing I have a choice which path to take in life and how to find the way to love and light'.

  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    'This retreat brought me more presence in general and certainly more presence in my body. The worship of the God and Goddess was mind blowing. This should actually be taught to people latest when they get married or live together.'

  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    'Do you want to experience bliss and ecstasy in your daily life? Do you not believe this is possible? Are you ready to face your shadow, your deepest pain, trauma? Being heavily triggered every day to face it? Experience more and more bliss and ecstasy every day far beyond what you ever thought was possible? Then you are ready to follow the Consensual Pathways in a safe container surrounded by professionals to guide you through it. And learn that you can face it by yourself as well!'

  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    The Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit really is the crown on the Pathways! It’s a high-paced, high-level process retreat for those who want to feel bliss and connect to their inner God/Goddess. Don’t be surprised if it knocks you off your feet, in the best way possible!

  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    'It’s a deep emotional process. I love the diversity in the practices. Thank you Jonathan, Linde and the team.'

  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    'Everything fell together in this Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit. It all came to the last moment, the last Pathway. I feel that now I can start with taking responsibility for my own life and pleasure instead of depending on my partner. More of this please! Your work is vital!'

  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    'The retreat was excellent, the first time in my life I could crash. I think it is necessary and I think it is a compliment that I felt safe enough to do so. To be continued.'

  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    'I came feeling empty and did not like that. I felt empty most of the time during the pathway and learnt to accept that, even like it at times. And I was able to feel that I am not completely empty: I am happy/grateful to be here, I enjoy the family I found here. I leave empty knowing that this emptiness is for a reason: the Goddess in me needs space. I am curious to what is coming/happening and hopefully I will feel it better. The journey has just started!'

  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    'I have been seeing Jonathan for many years and I don’t think I could have asked for a better tantra facilitator. He is very competent and qualified, deeply cares about people and his understanding of gender and sexuality have helped me to start dropping the harmful conditioning of what it means to be a man. The assistants are also brilliant and so were the participants in this case. I left feeling filled and child-like with a new found joy for life and trust in the process.'

  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    'I experienced presence and love in facilitating and no ego evolved. I really appreciate a nice venue. The nice venue brings the dimension of beauty into the retreat; It is so good to do inner work in a welcoming, comfortable place.'

  • Testimonials: Pathway into Embodying Divine Spirit

    'The retreat was a lovely combination of partner work and sacred meditations. Especially the exercise about attention giving was a great foundation. This Pathway includes charming the inner kundalini, finding your pleasure place and even experiencing pleasure sensitivity in your hands. You will explore more the sacred connection between two people and the difference presence is making to the other person in addition to that there is a beautiful surrounding, breath work and laughing.'

    San, September 2022

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