Embody your Temple - Introduction

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What is Tantra and Tantric...

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School and Temple of Embodiment, Healing, Power, Surrender and Spirituality. Practice Conscious, Consensual Sensuality!

I am Jonathan, the founder and lead of ConSensual. I welcome you on this site with open arms and heart, also on behalf of the whole ConSensual team. I founded ConSensual as my deepest soul calling after a long pathway with a PhD, directorships in NGOs, and 20 years of formal qualifications in coaching, energy body work, mediation, Shiatsu, and channeling, and a long pathway in tantra. After a quite challenging life and a lot of hard work, the deep wisdom of tantric practice with its path of conscious spiritual engagement and full embodiment healed my body, soul, and mind. And the secret is simple: I have trained my body to enter into pleasure energy state at any one moment (even touching air suffices).

With tantric practice, we can expand the body to hold and circulate more life force energy. This in turn enables us to stay spiritually in motion and connected the whole time. Therefore, we are able to relate to another in full authentic intimacy, without mutually feeding our pain bodies and energetically putting us into a joint connection with Presence itself. Tantra is the highest art of bringing our body temple with us into meditation and connection to the divine (or whatever is meaningful to you). It is an art of mental, emotional and physical discipline, that allows to connect to our birth right of sourcing and using our kundalini or life force energy to experience our wholeness, deep joy, and connection to others. By putting the body into energetic expansion and pleasure A wave state, our brain survival mechanisms seize.

Would you like to give yourself the gift of expanding your soul into your body, creating deep seated safety and learning how to stay in deep presence for as long as possible? How about finding your authentic power to stand in life and your authentic ability to surrender to life's calling and flow? Are you ready to heal and integrate past trauma so that expansion can happen without ongoing contraction, fears, sadness and 'brain survival modus'?  How about experiencing inward expansion that is not in the head but actually embodied? Enlarging your container for 'bliss energy' and being able to stay in 'pleasure mode' for longer periods allowing your creative life power to emerge more? 

If so then join us into a consecrated temple space of learning and celebrating conscious, consent-based sensuality (ConSensual). We will support you in finding the sacred temple of your body and soul and to embody that temple in return, giving you your 'landing pad' from where to experience true intimacy and connection with yourself, your partner, and the divine.

We offer an annual  4 step Pathway Journey with Tantric BDSI (expansion, healing and spirituality, via bondage, power/surrender, and impact play techniques and practices), as well as Tantric Practice Groups, and online and life workshops on different tantric, spiritual, and body work topics. You may also book individual trauma or tantric related Body Work or Shiatsu, Constellation, and Medial Sessions or come as partners to heal and increase your intimacy and connection.  At ConSensual all bodies are deeply loved and welcome – explicitly including non-binary, trans, intersex and other queer folk.

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New interview: Can we Heal Trauma with Conscious BDSM?

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  • I am so grateful I dived into these pathways. Each one of them have held one of the most profound experiences of my life. From facing and going into the deepest darkness of true ego death to the highest realms of ecstacy, power and bliss.
    Thank you so much Jonathan & the A-BDSI-Team to create this pressure-cooker-safe-space where all these processes get to happen in a safe non-judgemental atmosphere.
    Aho, I bow before all of you Goddesses & Gods ? ? ? ?

  • How Jonathan and Linde put their mind body and soul into this work is simply awe-inspiring. There are tantra retreats and there are the Consensual retreats of Jonathan, that are in a class of their own in all positive meanings of the expression. The unique marriage of tantra and BDSI being taught at Consensual is simply put ground breaking for a whole new and different approach to sexuality and spirituality.

  • Jonathan, thank you for your surrender and following your path. I am very grateful that I met you and you are in my heart. My wish is that a lot of people will open up for your pathways to discover the magic of life which you show us by letting us experience ConSensual. And also thanks for the team who is beside you ❣️

  • This is shaking the collective to its core. Healing all trauma into the divine, finally experiencing Human Beings, men and women, enjoying their own divinity embodied beyond what words can express. Respecting and honouring all and everything. Thank you so much for the amazing music as well. Big big hug and love.

  • I completed Consensual Pathways, an intense annual training around group dynamics focusing on healing from (sexual) trauma, dominance, surrender and spirituality. This was such an intense but beautiful journey, so profound for us as an individual and together as a couple ?.

  • What a Journey and Experience… Loooooord! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 Experiencing full dominance and the devotion that can come with submission lead me to a complete new dimension, a new way to evolution.

  • I am so grateful to be on this path with you! ♥️ Being able to witness the magic unfold, to provide the space for people to go deep, to release, to expand and to see the divine in themselves. ♥️ And not just the participants, also the team gets the opportunity to grow and expand with you.  ♥️ Thank you for being you, and bringing this to the world to let love shine in everyone.

  • I am so incredibly proud of you for bringing this work into the world and sharing it with so many others. We were at Elaisa the day after the retreat, obviously wide open and radiating love. We spoke to about 6/7 people about ConSensual and they could all feel the power and excitement.
    Cannot wait for another round, Initiation to next round here we come! 

  • Wow ♥️ what a sensual journey into our soul’s depth . It's so great how working with the right tools and the right people can change our reality and our well-being. I deeply support and appreciate what you do for the world and I am grateful that your assistants also have opportunities to develop with you. What an emotional path, caring and empathy what you offer us .Thank you for the opportunity to be a witness of this bliss, the deep changes of participants that fill my heart with light and love ♥️.


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