Body Work

Body work goes via your physical and energetic bodies into trauma release or heart pleasure expansion. It employs very light but deeply energetic touch (or no physical touch if you wish). We choose with you the best fitting combination: Shiatsu, Gaia Method trauma body work, tantric de-amouring, shamanic practices, tantric pleasure energy lines, ropes, or Sei-Ki. It looks for blockages in your body, equilibrating your 12 energy meridians and your organs (Shiatsu TCM), seeking to de-armour your body, potentially releasing and integrating trauma, learning how to move emotions as energy, while at the same time allowing you to experience the finer energies of complete presence to yourself, surrender, and pleasure states. And in all circumstances the first step is – maybe for the first time in your life – to become fully aware where your consent and your source of safety is in your body. And to start to respect your body’s ‘consensuality’ radically.

This work is ‘therapeutic’ in nature to heal, hold and receive you. It is not sexual. Yet, it may also address sexual or intimacy blockages and be tantric in nature if you so choose. It then takes non-releasing sexual energy as life force energy and the body as the temple through which this energy flows. As a trans person Jonathan can provide work from both/and Shakti and Shiva energies, as his body already contains the Oneness by itself. Linde will work with you from an ‘angelic, shamanic Shakti energy base’ with a focus on deep relaxation of the your whole system through Sei-Ki. Please note that under no circumstances will there be any form of sexual engagement or gratification, any genital to genital touch is excluded in our space.

You can book body work with Jonathan or Linde or both of us together. 250,- Euros per 3 hour session with one practitioner, 350,- with two practitioners. Please indicate in the booking form if you wish for both of us. 

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As qualified shiatsu practitioner, Jonathan uses shiatsu wisdom and techniques during body work. You may also book a 60 minute actual shiatsu session with him.

Shiatsu is a bodywork that originated in Japan. It integrates Japan’s traditional manual therapies such as acupuncture and anma, an old Japanese massage style, with western medical knowledge, physical anatomy, and Chinese Traditional Medicine.

Shiatsu is often viewed as a modified form of acupressure, a massage therapy that involves pressing specific points in the body to reduce tension improving blood and lymphatic circulation. Shiatsu has its roots in the concept of qi. In traditional Chinese medicine, qi is the vital life force that drives all life activity. It believes that health occurs when qi flows unobstructed through at least the 12 main meridians. When it becomes deficient or blocked in any of them, symptoms such as body pain, headaches, fatigue, muscle pain or digestive issues arise. Shiatsu seeks not to treat the symptom but look for the energetic cause of a symptom and treating the related energy lines (meridians) in the body. 

A shiatsu therapist applies pressure on the body’s meridians, parts of the body believed to be energy channels, to balance or unblock the flow of energy (qi).

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