Pathway I: The Art and Dance of Pleasure and Play

Our first pathway is an Initiation into the magic secrets of tantric BDSI. A true art and dance! For you to shed light into all parts of you and be welcomed with all of you! Fully allowing your fantasies and your pleasure, shedding unhelpful prohibitions and suppressions.Putting Innocence back into your play, finding your special beautiful form of kink and discovering sacred practices and tools.Deeply understanding consent and what needs clearing out for you to feel your body’s consent and wisdom. Come and a get a whiff of how anchoring your dominance and submission empowers you in life and allows you to surrender to life’s calling. And begin to understand the healing power of consent work, heart releases, and powerful body work that makes you find your seedling of safety in your body.

During the first Pathway in ConSensual you will have the opportunity to become aware of your boundaries, your consent, the power in your third chakra to dominate or surrender (in life!) and begin a journey of healing integration and trauma releasing body work. And to introduce you to the sacred practices of tantric BDSI (Bondage, Dominance/Submission, and Impact Play) as well as getting a taste for the three following Pathway topics: healing and integration, dominance and submission, and embodying divine spirit. The Initiation: Art and Dance of Pleasure and Play is a deep, consecrated, spiritual, and just simply yummy space that will allow you to fully tap into the erotic mystery of “flight energy” when you fully respect and know your consent, and experience pleasure, joy, trauma healing, and heart expansion through playing.  We emphasise experiential learning and exploration, steps towards embodiment and integrating, with loving support and care for healing processes to happen. All you need to bring is some experience, either tantra, or self-development, and be open to the sacred tools and implements of tantric BDSI that we explore and if you wish use during Initiation. 

The retreat usually starts 19:00 on Thursday evening (arrival as of 17:30 but no later than 18:00) and include evening and morning program, ending at 17:00 on the Sunday. 

After registration and payment you will receive all necessary information on location, accommodation, food and what to bring and prepare. ConSensual retreats are currently held at Chateau Cortils (near Liege, Belgium), a beautiful castle with a separate very private pavilion in which we will hold the program. Chateau Cortils has beautiful, simple, and very specially designed accommodation. We retain the right to change the venue if necessary.



Next Retreats:

19th to 21st February 2023

Retreat in private location, no registration via us, please contact us for the link to the organiser.

Sorry fully booked

5th to 8th October 2023

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30th November to 3rd December 2023

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485,- Euros including breaks and breakfast, plus accomodation and food in the venue (between 45,- and 60,- ppn for 3 nights + ca 95,- for food)


If you feel the calling to join for the whole Pathway Journey 2023, then register with a 10% discount:


  • I so love Jonathan and Linde! Their love and connection is so perfect. I loved them at first sight and know I wanted more. This Pathway I was fun, insightful, deep and liberating. I look forward to doing, being at Pathways II, III and IV. The safe, very safe easy open bubble is wonderful to be able to relax and come into process and release. Much love and gratitude.

  • 'It was an amazing and wonderful weekend for me!!! I felt real jummie and amazing pleasure for the first time in my life. And it was soooo amazing. I can still feel it in my body. Ŕrrrrrrrr.

    And I had so much fun too!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!'

  • I have been doing tantra for almost 6 years now and have been to many workshops, retreats and individual sessions but nothing comes close to what I have experienced at the Pathway I  retreat with Jonathan and Linde.  I have been in quite a negative energy for several years, feeling blocked, my mind foggy, a certain lethargy and so on.  When I arrived at the retreat I carried this energy with me and felt frustrated and unable to connect with my body and feelings for about the first day.  Then I was invited to volunteer for the heart chakra opening showcase which was an incredibly intense and unique experience.  It did exactly what the name says: my heart was opened, I could connect with myself again and energy started flowing.  From then on my experience was quite different.  At the end of the weekend I felt like all the heaviness and brain fog had been lifted.  The days after I could notice big changes in my daily life.  I felt more energetic again, taking action, feeling motivated, no more worries, more resilience and much more.  I haven't felt like this in years and two weeks after the retreat it hasn't changed whereas with other retreats the effect kind of withers away after a couple of days. Needless to say that I registered for the entire pathways journey without hesitation.  Thank you Jonathan, Linde and team for making this possible!

  • I felt so safe to explore and dive deep into sexuality. Jonathan facilitates in a brilliant way full of unconditional love together with Linde and the whole team who made it a playful pleasure exploration where everything is welcome and possible.  Thank you so much. Love to you!

  • This Pathway I into The Art and Dance of Pleasure and Play: A transmission of beautiful energy…showing the ways…taking us to a new level. You two did exact that: live it! My cup is filled with Vibrant Energy & Love! My heart is opened, I feel connected to the source.

  • Consensual was a mind & body shifting retreat. It is completely different then the retreats I did before because the sensuality part is so strong. It puts a big light on old patterns which I can handle in daily life but during the retreat these old patterns became so visible and sensitive; fully in the sweet spot and no possibility to flee or to freeze. I got fully into it: into my shame, vulnerability, feeling of rejection, being fully present and I got through it. I had quite some judgments about other people and especially about myself which became reframed during this retreat.At some moments I had that great feeling of being completely “free”.' Jonathan, thank you for your surrender and following your path. I am very grateful that I met you and you are in my heart. My wish is that a lot of people will open up for your pathways to discover the magic of life which you show us by letting us experience ConSensual. And also thanks for the team who is beside you ❣️

  • My whole body feels so alive, and also my yoni, wow. I love it. Haven't felt this sexual energy for a while. I feel more free and more me. And still so much to discover. I am sure that we will meet again. Ooh and those ropes!! Big big smile on my face. This is amazing, I am still enjoying it and also want more of this. These great people together, playing, exploring, being free, in a loving space, where all is welcome. That's how I want to live life!

  • Safe and sacred space, outstanding space holding, lots of joy and play, deep healings (for others) and great to be part of that. Love the focus on the energetic part in all of this also as the starting point of the exercises. Thank you all! Love

  • While driving home from my Consensual weekend, I was caressing my steering wheel and giving it some energetic touch. It took me about 3 or 4 songs on the radio to notice what I was doing. I think this sums up perfectly the feeling you get from this weekend with Joyce and Jonathan and all the beautiful people. You think you know what you signed up for, but well... think again. Joyce and Jonathan help you explore your tantric, sexual energy. With so much love they show and let you feel how much pleasure your body holds. Both in the giving and receiving ways. You just have to let it out. On the second day Jonathan wanted to showcase floggers with someone in the group. I knew this was my place to enjoy and he picked me. I can’t describe the feeling this gave me. It made me feel at home in my body and for the first time I was able to fully accept my submissive side. The way Joyce and Jonathan introduced the flogger in the morning was very special. It was a welcoming way to just let everyone feel the beautiful energy a flogger holds.

  • Amazing how fast this retreat past and how complete the program felt. In this short time I felt so safe with the authenticity, expansion, 200 % presence and space holding of Jonathan, Linde and the angel assistants. This was the setting of allowing myself a big emotional breakthrough, working through shame, energetic releases and exploring new fields of play I never thought I would feel safe with. I feel big gratitude!

  • Coming into contact with BDSI was like opening a door to a room in a house which I have never visited before. I learned to recognise, channel, play and transmute energies of dominance and submission. I also learnt to be able to surrender and trust someone in the bondage exercise, passing over this newly gained wisdom while relating to someone, the getting to know my limits with butt play and allowing to circle back to my playfield where care, intensity, gentle touch and some dairy spanking is involved. I carry all of this forth in my daily life and in the person I am. Gratitude.

  • When it comes to consent and learning how to give and get consent, my life will never be the same. This is something every human being should be able to learn, from a very early age. But if you haven’t, let Jonathan help you. It makes the world a better place.'

  • The retreat is being hosted from a beautiful heart space. Safety and love are the starting points for exploration and then the juiciness comes in. All embodied beautifully by Jonathan. Exploring the dominant and submissive parts of myself. Feeling so incredibly empowered. Using a (big variety) of tools, really fun! But also creating a heart opening and an intimate, deep connection with my partner. 

  • I felt held and supported and seen. The facilitators and amazing team did an amazing job at keeping the retreat open and safe. People could explore their desires, their fears, everything without being judged. I learned a lot about my body, my desires and my boundaries. I can’t imagine a better place for experiencing this. Thank you so much.


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